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We practice transparent management and leadership for faster problem solving, better teamwork, healthy working relationships, trust, and ultimately, improved employees and companies performance.


We achieve efficiency when everyone works together in balance. We believe in hard work and putting in extra effort to get things perfected. We strive for operational excellence and realize there is always room for improvement in everything we do.


We approach employees and employers with equality and fairness by providing constructive feedbacks for everyone to achieve higher productivity.


Our Expertise

MASSUD.ME provides management consulting for organizations to improve performance and efficiency. We serve companies with our expertise in the following ways.

  • We act as catalyst for bringing change in companies.
  • We identify opportunities to grow business, increase profits, and boost efficiency.
  • We bring in experience, knowledge and fresh objective viewpoint that is separate from organizational culture, office politics, personal sensibilities, and internal group-thinking.
  • We facilitate planning and execution process, and serve as a sounding board for direction.

For a business to prosper, it is important to thoroughly look into tactical strategies to discover new growth opportunities to increase companies’ share in their market segment. If you want to reconnect your business with its core values, articulate its mission, and chart its objectives and goals to help reach your long-term vision, you have come to the right place. Here are the key things you should expect from MASSUD.ME:

Providing a Process – We provide an operational process to analyze the organization and its competitive position, and a method for implementing comprehensive solutions.

Conducting an Honest Assessment – We call it as we see it. We will openly discuss organizational, managerial or group weaknesses with your executives. We take it as our professional obligation to conduct a candid assessment and report the findings.

Discussing the Difficult Issues – It is important to discuss difficult matters with the management, especially when it is about explaining the need for change. Leaving sensitive issues unaddressed can weaken an organization in the medium to long run.

Keeping What Works – We help you recognize your strengths so that you can preserve and nourish the successful aspects of the business.
Identifying What Doesn’t Work –
We provide objective information about the company’s weaknesses to highlight the ineffective strategies that need to be changed. Addressing the drawbacks of unproductive action plans is an integral part of the strategic planning process.
Doing Analysis and Being Involved –
We take it as our responsibility to develop a sound understanding of the your business. This analysis is important to get insights about your business, create financial projections, and recommend areas for improvement.
Linking Strategy with Execution –
We serve to follow through the developed plans. Without skillful implementation and monitoring, all planning effort will be in vain. We develop a detailed action plan with measurable goals and make sure that the execution stays on track. 

Our Values

Setting the standard for our corporate clients

Our solutions fulfill the highest standards in terms of competency, attention to detail and efficiency.


We are committed to completing every project comprehensively, in a timely manner and to the highest quality standards.


We abide by strict procedures to ensure sensitive information is handled correctly and carefully.

Setting the standard for our candidates

Our professional tactics and best practices are designed to provide good career enhancement opportunities to our valuable candidates.


Our candidates are as important to us as clients. We respect our candidates interest and preferences by providing in-depth and accurate information through out the recruitment process.


We evaluate our candidates with objectivity and fairness, regardless of age, gender, culture or race.


We possess a wide range of specializations and market knowledge, thereby able to implement cross industry solutions successfully. We increase employee retention by rigorously maintaining positive work environments, because we know well the talent pool and required competencies for different functions.

  • share Aerospace, Automotive, Railway and Maritime
  • share Financial Services
  • share Information Technology
  • share Consumer, Retail and Luxury
  • share Pharmaceutical and Healthcare
  • share Energy
  • share Construction and Infrastructure
  • share Food and Agri-business
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Benefits For MASSUD.ME’s Professional Members

Without any firsthand insider information on the company’s culture, direct job application to an open position through the internet or newspaper often makes it impossible for candidates to assess a company’s suitability prior to being employed. This often results in a strenuous relationship between the employer and employee in the first six months of employment. Consequences include job hopping, or the employee underperforms. All of this can be avoided if both parties have a risk-sharing, professional intermedietery organisation that can assess how appropriate both parties are for each other, i.e. to what extent do the aspirations and expertise of the candidate match with the job requirements and organisational goals and culture.

MASSUD.ME is the professional organization, where we offer research-oriented placement service, which is based on a spectrum of criteria gathered through decades of the founders’ extensive recruitment, monitoring and training experience.

Realizing Your Potential
Comprehensive Portfolio

We develop your portfolio from a specialist employer’s perspective, giving you the advantage of getting on the priority list of all best-suited job vacancies.

Peer Endorsement

You will be able to endorse your peers and invite peers to endorse your profile. Peer reviews will highly increase the value and integrity of your professional portfolio.

Problem Solving Skills

You will be guided to demonstrate your street-smart problem-solving abilities in your portfolio developer.

Charting The Future
Job Applications

You will be able to access to jobs of your choice from our database of thousands of recently disclosed jobs. There are even more special undisclosed jobs which we will personally contact you to share when all matching criteria are met between you and the job requirements.

Self-Paced Professional Development Courses

You will get direct access to more than 2,000 short courses on various subjects from the well renowned universities of the world including Harvard, MIT and Stanford University. Some courses provide international certifications.

Career Path

You will be guided to map out your aspired career path on our career plan builder, which will be used by employers to gain valuable insight into your aspirations, achievements and critical thinking abilities.


Your Professional Solution to a Better Career Prospect

1 Resume Analysis

MASSUD.ME provides personal human touch through resume analysis to evaluate the suitability between candidate, employer and job requirements. This is a holistic and fairer assessment approach compared to relying 100% on computer-based job matching algorithms, or to any other “quick fix” to land you a good job.

2 Compatibility Assessment

MASSUD.ME manually assesses the compatibility between the culture, philosophy, goals and values of the hiring organization with the mindset, cultural background, expertise and personal goals of the candidate, through decades of our recruitment experience from various industries.

3 Candidate Profiling

Our candidate-profiling procedure goes beyond mere computerized keywords-matching service from conventional online resume, attitude and aptitude tests. We provide a 360-degree candidate profile assessment, generated by a group of senior human resource and technical specialists from international aerospace to retail industries.

4 Professional Recommendation

MASSUD.ME as an organisation acts as your representative to professionally recommend you to companies to benefit both the candidate and employer towards building a healthy and long-lasting relationship between all three parties.

5 Reviewing Recruitment Context

Reviewing the recruitment context, and understanding the client's business strategy, philosophy, culture, vacancy and key issues.

6 Defining Roles & Responsibilities

Defining the role, responsibilities and qualifications, to be able to define the ideal candidate profile.

7 Listing Target Companies

Building up a list of target companies for mapping structures and reporting lines.

8 Conducting Direct Search

Conducting direct search supported by our comprehensive database.

9 Identifying Suitable Candidates

Identification and initial contact with candidates.

10 Conducting Structured Interviews

Conducting structured in-depth interviews with the shortlisted candidates.

11 Conducting Due Diligence

Conducting reference checking and due diligence to ensure professional and personal fit.

12 Preparing Confidential Report

Submitting a confidential report on the best-suited candidates.

13 Advising on Hiring

Managing, supporting and advising on the hiring process.

14 Negotiating on Contract

Coordinating with the company for negotiating on the employment contract with the candidate.

15 Clarifying the Expectations

Clarifying the expectations for both parties, including those regarding remuneration.

16 Evaluating the Process

Evaluating the entire search process and result, based on the feedback given by both parties.

17 Keeping Close Contact

Remaining in close contact with the candidate and employer.

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Executive Job Opportunities Are In Your Reach

Get access to jobs of your choice from our database of thousands of recently disclosed jobs. There are even more special undisclosed jobs which we will personally contact you to share when all matching criteria are met between you and the job requirements.

Privacy is Essential

Your privacy is essential to us because it guarantees your security, happiness and ability to dissent information. Click here to read our Privacy Policy.


If you have any questions regarding our Services, contact us via email on:

Success Stories


I have been changing many jobs after graduation. Through MASSUD.ME’s recommendation, I am happy in my new job as I can now see a clear career path for myself.
Abdul Qadeer

Senior ME, Spirit AeroSystems


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